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Research Activities

The research activities carried out in the ENEA Trisaia Research Center are grouped into different fields to guide you better in the multiple lines of research conducted at the Centre. One can find not only the scientific aspects, but also the possible collaborations in support of outside organizations and the implications in terms of transfer to the industrial system. From the inside pages you can access descriptions of laboratories / equipments for each activity. It can be considered, along with the section Workshops & Plants, the most important part of the web-site.

Sustainable Agronomy:

  • Sustainability of agriculture in the Mediterranean environment
  • Health products in post harvest
  • Energy crops and use of biomass
  • Vegetable chemistry and product quality


Molecular biotechnology:

  • RST&D activities in the development, research and appliation of biotechnology to different fields such as agro-industry, food processing, agro-energy and environment;
  • Advanced diagnostic technologies (biological, chemical and physical) for increasing the quality and competitiveness of agro-food production;
  • Development of new technologies to improve the availability of compounds with high industrial interest from crop production;
  • New methods of metagenomics to select micro-organisms and metabolic functions with positive action for the accumulation of bio-products with high added value and for environmental remediation.


  • Technological innovation and system in the production of electricity and heating in small systems (agro-energy local chains) and, in perspective, biofuels of second generation, biomasses and biofuels;
  • Research on applications of solar thermal energy at low and medium temperature, in particular on the development of prototype plans or concentration


  • Research, development and promotion of environmental technologies contributing to their transfer to the nation;
  • Activities of technical and scientific support to the central  and local government and to the industrial system, with particular attention to SMEs, and actively participates in national and european technology platforms. The activities are mainly: the cycle of waste management, management of water resources, eco-innovation of production processes, the reclamation and upgrading environmental management tools and environmental certification and eco-design, the implementation of scenarios models and evaluation of air pollution.


Materials technology:

  • Applied research for the development of new materials and components to support new energy technologies with a view to sustainable economic development.